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My name is Ilya Tkachev, I am the father of three wonderful children, a loving and beloved husband. I am fond of philosophy and music. I love pleasant conversation in good company, love Nature and the smell of smoke from the fire. I like camping spending the night in a tent, I like fresh orange juice in the mornings, sunrises, sunsets, the way the sea sounds and my car.

I am grateful to my mom and my dad and to all those people who have influenced on what kind of person I am.

I started as a photographer in 2011. I’ve always been curious and charmed with these as if frozen by behest of just one single press on the camera button moments, emotions and the whole lives! This curiosity led me to the New York Institute of Photography. After all, having inspiration and equipment is not enough. To make really great photos one need a whole ton of knowledge.

I live in Tenerife and I love this island.

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